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JIO Phone Recharge Plans 

JIO Phone Recharge Plans : Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani said that the launch of the JIO Feature phone will be free for all Indians. But they said that they should be JIO clients. Those taking the feature phone will have to pay Rs. 1500 for a security deposit. Ambani has announced that it has decided to refund the customer after three months (after 36 months).

Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani has launched the JIO Featured phone with excellent features. The phone will come out from August 15, 2017. Bookings start from August 24,2017 and is available in September. Mukesh Ambani said that this phone is free for all Indians. Those who want to buy this phone can get this phone with a one-time securities deposit of Rs. 1500. Ambani said he would return the Rs. 1500 after three years. Mukesh Ambani has revealed the monthly plans along with the dates of booking .

Here are the Monthly Recharge plans for the following. As the mobile is only JIO enables, there will be no other SIM slot available for the other subscribers as expected. So should use any of the recharge plan prescribed by RIL JIO.

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JIO Phone Recharge Plans monthly & Specifications

  • JIO phone is offered with a 1,500 rupee refundable security deposit. This phone can be withdrawn after 36 months and customers can withdraw their funds.
  • Voice calling facility on JIO phone is free of charge for any area in the country, any network. An unlimited number of pads are available at a nominal cost of Rs 153 per month.
  • According to current 2G rates, the data costing at least Rs. 4,000 on other networks is Rs.
  • Two days plan is offered on weekly plan and Rs 24 for Rs.
  • Beta testing is available from August 15th. Pre-Books start from August 24th. Handsets are delivered from September.
  • At least 50 lakh JIO phones are available every week. JIO phones will be manufactured ingenuously from the last quarter of this year.
  •  Relatively easy access to JIO phone TV cable is available for viewing on TV screen
  • With a whopping cost of Rs. 309, even this JIO phone can be connected to CRT TV also along with any Television.

JIO Phone Recharge Plans

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