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JIO Free 1500 Phone : Reliance Industries, which created JIO Tech in telecoms history, has made another sensational announcement i.e 4G VOLTE-based featured phone. Reliance Group chairman Mukesh Ambani announced the release of JIO phone at its Annual general meeting in Mumbai on Friday. This phone was made by young Indians as part of Made in India, Mukesh said. This JIO Free 1500 Phone is the Indian intelligent smartphone.

Reliance JIO phone VOLTE LYF Smartphone Books

Reliance Industries’s 40th Annual General Meeting is unlikely to run. JIO has created revolution with free data. As expected, it has announced the 4G feature phone. Even though it’s a feature phone, it’s just as though its features do not pull off the smartphone. The special attraction in Reliance AG at Mumbai on Friday was Akash and Esha Ambani.

Jio offers ‘free’ phone with a Rs 1,500 deposit

These 25-year-old twins, who are celebrating today’s youth, describe geo-phone features. Phone calling, Send messages; Listening to music explained how we can do with voice (voice control). Mukesh’s mother, Kokila Ben, who was sitting in front, expressed her fingers at her son Anant’s hands. Without a single rupee, this JIO phone is being offered to customers. But there is a need to have some deposit to prevent this phone from being misused. Rs 1500 security deposit will be returned at the same time after three years. JIO Free 1500 Phone Bookings starts on August 24th and later on company will be distributing the Mobile handsets to the customers in coming months.

After that, Isha, Akash Ambani and Kiran gave a demo of features. Voice Command says that the phone works and supports 22 languages. JIO apps & JIO Coin are also inbuilt. JIO phone tariffs were followed by Mukesh Ambani in an innovative way. With this phone, he said that free voice calls and unlimited data are being provided. Rs. 153 would be good for recharging for both voice calls and unlimited 4G Internet.

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Jio offers Free mobile 4g Phone Booking dates 2017

After that, Isha, Akash Ambani and Kiran gave this demo a demo of features. Voice Command says that the phone works and supports 22 languages. Geo apps are also inbuilt. JIO Free 1500 Phone tariffs were followed by Mukesh Ambani. With this phone, he said that free voice calls and unlimited data are being provided. Rs. 153 would be good for recharging.

Note: Experimentally JIO phone is offered to consumers from August 15th. There are advance bookings from August 24, 2017 as said by team. Only those who bookings are first will be delivered first (who are in the way before) from September 2017.

Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer – Recharge 309, 509 Get 3 Months Free Benefits

JIO Free 1500 Phone

Details About JIO PRIME Membership

Register For Reliance Jio Prime MyJio / Store (1st March – 15th April 2017)
Jio Prime Subscription Plan 99 Rs Only
Jio Prime Validity 31st March 2018 [1 Year ]
Benefits Jio Prime Reliance Jio Prime Offer Unlimited Benefits For 12 More Months
Last Date For Registering in Jio Prime Service 31st March 2018
Jio Prime Customer Care Number 1860-893-3333 or 198 or 199 [For Users]

Jio Prime Membership Cost

The Jio Prime Membership Cost is clearly given below. Please Check the JIO Prime Membership Cost and update My JIO.

  • For 1 Month: ₹99 + ₹303 x 1 month = ₹402 (1st Month)
  • For 3 months: ₹99 + ₹303 x 3 months = ₹1008 (3 Months)
  • For 6 months: ₹99 + ₹303 x 6 months = ₹1917 (6 Months)
  • For 9 months: ₹99 + ₹303 x 9 months = ₹2826 (9 Months)
  • For 1 year: ₹99 + ₹303 x 12 months = ₹3735 (1 year )

Jio Prime Membership Registration online – Reliance Jio Prime Offer 2017

JIO Free 1500 Phone & JIO Free Phone Features 2017

We can make phone calls with voice. This facility is available in 22 Indian languages. For example, Ramesh is calling a call. And if I say that I will come home today, ‘Wife’ is said to be messed up .. The facility is called Digital Voice Assistance.

A special cable is given as part of the offer. If it is connected to mobile from TV (Smart TV is not the same thing .. any techy) .. The content on the phone can be seen on the big screen.

Current Jio Dandanadhan consumers can watch videos everyday for 3-4 hours on TV with a price of 309 Rs.

This phone supports NFC . To make payments customers can store their credit / debit card details (as Samsung Pay scale).

2.4 inch colorful screen; FM phone, torque light, headphone jack, SD card slot, navigation system, geo apps etc. This phone specials.

Dual SIM, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal memory (up to 128 GB), 2MP rear camera, VGA front camera, 2000 mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.1 Wi-Fi support.

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