By | August 29, 2017

Women Who Have Babies After 33 Live Longer

Having a child later is a sign of longevity & Women Who Have Babies After 33 Live Longer, Study Says: Have her last child after 33 years would be a guarantee of longevity. Late mothers have twice the chance of living to 95 years than others. This is good news for women who become mothers as they approach  midlife: this late pregnancy could be a guarantee of longevity. Indeed, researchers at Boston University found that women who gave birth to a baby after 33 years (but without the help of a treatment to boost fertility as in vitro fertilisation) were twice as likely to live until the age of 95 years. And those who gave birth after age 40 were four times more likely to become centenarians.

A reproductive system that does not age is a sign that the body stays young

In reaching this conclusion, the researchers studied the medical records of 311 women who lived to the age of 95 years and compared them with the records of women who died at an earlier age. According to Professor Thomas Perls, a geriatrician at Boston Medical Center, “We believe that the ability to have children naturally in old age is a sign that the reproductive system of women ages slowly, which is a marker his entire body ages slowly. “

But to the researchers, this does not mean you should push the maternity desires beyond quarantine because miscarriages are then more frequent and the risk of hypertension is two times greater than 20 years . “For it is not late pregnancy that will make us live longer but there is a genetic predisposition that says that our body ages more slowly and, therefore, it is possible to give birth to a child later”.

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