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Big Boss Season 1- Rules 2017 @ Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online

[*VOTE] Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Elimination, Missed Call Voting details 2017: From many years people are evident of watching the top Heroes of the Indian Film being casted on the small screen in one or the other way to keep their charishma among tje audience. This was initially more in the Hindi television that the stars like Mr. Amitab Bachan, King khan, Salman khan, Aamir Khan and many others have entertained the common audience by show casting themselves in different programs. This tradition is being followed even by South Indian stars who have proved to be no less than the Bollywood.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Voting & Elimination

In telugu it was King Nagarjuna who started the tradition and took the telugu small screen to a different level after which people have seem Mega star and now the Young Tiger is on the small screen making his fans go gaga over his way of hosting the program The Big Boss Show Telugu season 1. This show was started on 16th July, 2017 and from the day one the show was constantly hitting a good TRP ratings. This show os telecasted on the Star Maa channel Seven days of the week at two different timings. On weekdays it is scheduled at 9pm and on weekends it is scheduled at 8:30 pm. The show started with 14 participant. These participants were isolated in the Great Big Boss House for 70 days where they were not provided with any communication with the outer world by not allowing any sort of communication devices.

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They will be monitored by the viewers and also by the Big Boss and will be eliminated according to the votings they get. The least voted participant would be eliminated from the show. Presently 3 participants were eliminated from the show out the 14 members. All the audience watching the show are provided with two modes of voting for their favourite contestants to stay on the show. The two modes of voting are, one is through online and the second is by giving a missed call to the number assigned to each contestant

So this is the best option giving to each of the audience to see their favourite participants to continue on the show till the end. Voting starts every week on Monday morning and ends at 11:59 Pm on Friday.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Elimination, Missed Call

I would hereby inform all the audience that the voting is free  in both ways  through which they can see their lovable participants get through each week’s elimination. The three participants who are eliminated by now are, Jyothi who was eliminated in the first elimination round. After which Sampoornesh Babu has willingly left the show and Madhu Priya was eliminated in the third week elimination round. Mumaith Khan was sent to dark room as per the gameb but she was sent for the SIT investigation. 30th July, 2017 audience had a good surprise when Deeksha Panth entered the show as a wild card entry.

It is heard that there are around 5 participants who are going to leave the Big Boss House packing up their bags. The list isn’t known yet. All the least 5 participants would leave the show in 9th week of elimination. So this is the only chance for you as audience to see your favourite participants on the show till the end by voting them through the below listed methods.

  • Online Voting
  • Missed call voting

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote or Online Voting Procedure:

The participants who want to vote their contestants to stay on the show should know that they can only vote if the possess a Gmail Account. They would be required to login with their Gmail Accounts to vote their favourite contestants.

Steps that should be followed to Vote 

Open google and type “Big Boss Telugu Vote” or “ Star Maa Big Boss Telugu Vote”

The contestants in the danger zone will appear

Click on the favorite contestants picture

Click on the continue button to vote for that particular contestant

Each audience can give a maximum of 50 votes to the contestants

Missed call Voting Procedure:

Following are the details regarding the voting lines of each contestant to get votings by the audience

Vote for Shiva Balaji Missed Call Number 08433900170

Vote for Archana Missed Call Number 08433900160

Vote for Kalpana Missed Call Number 08433900167

Vote for Kathi Karthika Missed Call Number 08433900169

Vote for Dhanraj Missed Call Number 08433900173

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Vote for Hari Teja Missed Call Number 08433900171

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online for Mahesh Kathi Missed Call Number 08433900168

Vote for Adarsh Missed Call Number 08433900172

Votes for Deeksha Pant Missed Call Number 08433900165

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online for Mumaith Missed Call Number 08433900162

Vote for Prince Missed Call Number 08433900163

Week 1 Jyothi

Week 2 Sampoornesh, Babu Madhu Priya

Week 3 Sameer

Week 4 Mahesh Katti Kalpana

 Week 5 Mumaith (Send to secret room)

Week 6 Kathi Karthika Dhanraj

Week 8 Mumaith Khan

Week 9 Prince 

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