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JIO Net Speed Test 

JIO Net Speed test 4G by OOkla check Online: After the launch of JIO 4g VoLTE based sim cards in the market, telecom industry has been booming up and down. JIO network with 4G has been installed using the quality optical fiber all around India . This has created a tremendous record with nearly 10 Lakh candidates upgrading to JIO 4G based technology. So every 4G enabled phone in India has a JIO in its mobile. After the JIO premium welcome offer, JIO recharge plans were declared and later users paid a monthly plan recharges . Now the candidates are amazed with the download as well as upload speeds of JIO network. So they would like to test the speed of their network connection. Here are the ways to check the network speed. 

Official TRAI Speed test for JIO Net speed 4G 

Telecom Regulatory Authority in India (TRAI) has released a website for the Network speed test. This is official and real speed test. 3G and 4G Net speed tests are involved in this website. Based on the location and network provider, TRAI provides the download as well as the upload speeds of JIO. The official site where TRAI Speed test can be done is Here are the test related steps for speed.

HOw to Check the JIO Net Speed Test ?

Log on to the official site 

Select the Operator name and Technology like 3G or 4G 

Enter the location in the search bar next to it.

Submit those details and you can get the Download speed and Upload speed.

Along with these details top operators in your area will be provided.

Ookla JIO Net speed Test Online

For the speed test for your concerned mobile with JIO SIM, Ookla which is World leader in speed test will provide you the speed of Network. Log on to the official site of Ooka i.e Here the steps to be followed to get the speed.

Go to the site

Click on Go.

Get the Speed of your network both for Mobile and LAN , Wifi.

Here are the links for speed test 

Check TRAI Enabled Speed test

Check Ookla speed test

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