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Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online Season 2

[Voting] @ Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online [Voting]Missed Call Numbers Elimination Details: Sucessfully, the hoster Junior NTR has finished the Bigg Boss telugu Season 1 on 24th September 2017 and now the Season time is 2. The Bigg Boss Season 2 Contestants are going to be displayed Soon. May be Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestant names and List will be hosted in November month 2017. All people who want to await for the next Season like Season 2 bigg boss 2, they would wait for little time to See the bigg boss 2 telugu. The Bigg boss 2 telugu Contestants are not repeared to next episodes like Bigg boss 2. The new contestants will hire to next Bigg boss 2 Season. Season 1 Bigg boss telugu contestant are not eligible to play to this New game of telugu. 

The Season 1 has started From 16th July 2017 and it is a 70 days game Show. The Bigg boss 1 game show has hosted by NTR at the same time the bigg boss 2 also will be hosted by Junior NTR. The last Season of telugu bigg boss is not given clealry. But it is running every year one by one Seasons. The Tamil Bigg boss 1 is also going to close on 1st October 2017. The Tamil Bigg boss 2 also will be started Soon by the Kamal Haasan. The Tamil Bogg boss 2 will be hosted by Kamal haasan garu only. And the winner of this Bigg boss 1 will be disclosed on 1st October 2017. 

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online Voting & Missed Call Number

After Selecting the New Constestants of telugu Bigg boss 2, the Missed call number details with elimination details and the Starting dates will be displayed. All information like Bigg Boss telugu Contestant names Starting dates or launching dates will be hosted here Soon. Please keep visit this web portal every day and Check the Shows of live Bigg boss 2 tamil or telugu. We will update full information what we given here clearly Soon. just wait and watch. 

Note: Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestant names, Stating dates, Host or lauch dates with Bigg boss 2 Telugu Vote Online & Voting Missed Call Number Elimination winner list 2017 will be Soon updated Here. 

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online Elimination, Missed Call

I would hereby inform all the audience that the voting is free of Bigg Boss 2 in both ways through which they can see their lovable participants get through each week’s elimination. A

  • Online Voting
  • Missed call voting

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online or Online Voting Procedure:

The participants who want to vote their contestants to stay on the show should know that they can only vote if the possess a Gmail Account. They would be required to login with their Gmail Accounts to vote their favourite contestants.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online

Steps that should be followed to Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online

Open google and type “Big Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online” or “ Star Maa Big Boss Telugu Votingor missed call No.”

The contestants in the danger zone will appear on Screen.

Click on the favorite Contestants picture or Pics which will be displayed on Screen.

Click on the Continue button to Vote for that Particular Contestant who is your Wisher.

Each audience can give a maximum of 50 votes only to the contestants.

Biss Boss 1 Season-1 Missed Call Numbers 2017 list

Vote for Shiva Balaji Missed Call Number 08433900170

Vote for Archana Missed Call Number 08433900160

Vote for Kalpana Missed Call Number 08433900167

Vote for Kathi Karthika Missed Call Number 08433900169

Vote for Dhanraj Missed Call Number 08433900173

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Vote for Hari Teja Missed Call Number 08433900171

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online for Mahesh Kathi Missed Call Number 08433900168

Vote for Adarsh Missed Call Number 08433900172

Votes for Deeksha Pant Missed Call Number 08433900165

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online for Mumaith Missed Call Number 08433900162

Vote for Prince Missed Call Number 08433900163

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