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Android 8.0 Oreo Update Schedules

Android 8.0 Oreo Update Schedules for Google Pixel, Nokia, OnePlus, Samsung/ Moto/ Redmi : Google recently released its latest Android operating system Android OS 8.0. Everybody assumed that this new OS was named Oreo. Google recently announced that Android Oreo will give the users a new experience, photographs, smart text selection, and notification center to change what we like. Furthermore, Android 8.0 will be available in both Nexus and Pixel Devices.

Android 8.0 Oreo Update Schedules

Android 8.0 Oreo Update Schedules & Android Oreo can be updated to following brands

Google Vice President (Engineering) Dave Burke Launch announced that Android Android 8.0 will be upgraded to other major mobile companies like Shoemi, Huawei, HTC, Kyoto, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sharp and Sony.

Google: Google has revealed that Google Pixel, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel EXL, Nexus 5 X and Nexus 6 Pee Devices are available in the form of OTA (Over the Air)

These following mobile handsets can be enabled to the Android Oreo. Check your Mobile in this list to know whether the Android Oreo works on your mobile or not.

Samsung: sansang Galaxy A3, sansang Galaxy A 5, sansang Galaxy A 7, sansang Galaxy No 8, sansang Galaxy A9, sansang Galaxy S 9 Pro,  Samsung Galaxy Note FEV,  Samsung Galaxy J 7 Wii, Samsung Galaxy J-7 Max (2017 ), sansang Galaxy J 7 Pro (2017), sansang Galaxy J 7 pm, galaxy S7, S7 Samsung edge of the galaxy, the galaxy samsung S8, samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy note 8.

Xiomi : Xiomi redmi Note 3, Xiomi redmi note 4, Xiomi MI 5, MI Xiomi 5S, 5S Xiomi Plus, Xiomi redmi 3 S, 3 S Prime Xiomi redmi, Xiomi redmi 4 X,  Xiomi Note4X,  Showmade Red 4, Xiomi Mi Max,  Xiomi MI5 Sea

One Plus: One plus3 One Plu 4, One plus5

Sony: Xperia X-sony, sony Xperia X-performance, compact X-sony Xperia, Xperia X jet sony, sony XZS Xperia, Xperia XZ premium sony, sony Xperia XC 1, sony Xperia XC 1 Ultra, Xperia sony L1

Nokia: Nokia 8, ?Nokia 6, ?Nokia 5, ?Nokia 3

Motorola: moto Jet, Jet moto droid, play moto jet, jet moto droid to play, play jed2 moto, moto Force jet 2, moto G-4, G 4, plus moto, moto G-5, G-5

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