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1st October & 28th September 98th 95th Tamil Bigg boss Full Episode Live 

1st October 28th Sep 98th 96th 95th Tamil Bigg boss Full Episode Live 28-9-2017 Tamil Bigg Boss Show: This is the day of 95th episode. All Tamil People freely watch the full episode of this 28th September 2017 Bigg boss Live show. This is the 95th Episode. The 94th Full episode of Bigg boss tamil has finished with the full of fun. Now today tamil bigg boss show starts at 10:00 PM. All tamil People can watch 95th Bigg boss tamil full episode at the beginning time.

This is a good time to watch the full episode. People who missed the previous days Episodes please go through the links which we have given below and watch till the end. Only 3 days remaining to finish this game show. This realistic game show of bigg boss 2 is going to start from next season. The Winner and other information about the Bigg boss Season 1 tamil is going to announce on 1st October 2017. After the next days of this final bigg boss Season 1 Show the Bigg boss 2 game show is going start from last week of December 2017 and also people can vote Bigg boss 2 vote tamil from last week of Dec 2017. 

28th September 95th Tamil Bigg boss Full Episode Live @28th September 

As this today show like 28th September has been started with 19 contestants and finally it has been reduced to 6 members in tamil bigg house. Today is the 27th September show and this game show will be start from 10: 00 Pm. The Bigg boss tamil is going to be end on 1st October 2017 and that is the 98th episode. Today is 95th Tamil Bigg boss episode. All people who want to Check the details about the Bigg boss show of tamil they need to visit the site or links which we have given below and Watch live videos.

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28th September- 95th Tamil Bigg boss Full Episode Live more info

Total Number of Contestant: 19

Start date of Big Boss Tamil Show: 26th June 2017

Present week Number: 11

Todays Live date: 27th September 2017

Final date: 1st October 2017

Official Sites: or

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