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24th September 2017, 70th Episode Bigg Boss Telugu Winner

24th September 2017, 70th Episode Bigg Boss Telugu Winner Live Show Promo Final Episode 70th [email protected]: Bigg Boss has been the wonderful reality show with good entertainment provided by the host as well as the contestants everyday. Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 has now come to an end as the number of show days in season 1 are reaching the last one. Every viewer who has been an addict and enjoying up to their level are curiously waiting for the winner to be the one they voted through some sources. So Bigg Boss Telugu winner is to be selected soon. All the final vote results and the name of the winner will be disclosed here. So stay tuned.

Bigg Boss Telugu Winner Season 1

One of the huge audience dragging show i.e Bigg Boss Telugu is being hosted by Tollywood top here Jr. NTR. Show starting with 16 contestants initially has seen a uniform reduce in number after the week wise elimination. Show has been started on 16th July 2017 with all good response. Formerly, there was enthusiasm regarding he contestants in the house. But now the curiosity is regarding the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1. After 70 days of daily events, Bigg Boss Telugu Winner is to be decided.

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70th Episode Bigg Boss Telugu Winner Live Show Promo

This can be only decided with the votes received by the contestants. Regularly online voting is enabled along with the missed call alerts for contestants. Based on the majority and minority final contestants will be selected as winner in the show. Now the left over contestants are like Archana, Aadarsh, Siva balaji, Hari Teja, Navadeep, Deeksha panth. Out of these guys Oppo Bigg Boss Telugu Winner will be selected The date of selection to this will be on 24th September 2017.

 70th Episode Bigg Boss Telugu Winner Live

70th Episode Bigg Boss Telugu Winner & Tit bits from Bigg Boss Telugu

Name of Show: Oppo Bigg Boss Telugu season 1

Start of show: 16th July 2017

Host: Jr. NTR

No. of total contestants: 16

Last date of show for season 1: 24th September 2017

No. of days: 70

Winner: Soon revealed

Votes for the winner: soon

All the live TV updates can be viewed here on 24th September 2017 all around 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM in Star MAA. All the best to all the contestants who are trying to stay out of their families and entertaining us.

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