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21st 19 15th September 2017 Bigg Boss Telugu 62nd Episode Live

20th 19 15th September 2017 67th 66th Bigg Boss Telugu 62nd Episode Live Show Promo @Star Maa  : Very Interested and Good game show invented by the Netherlands people and this game show entered into the India in 2011 only. Almost the Hindi Bigg boss overd their 11th Version of this Bigg boss Live Game show. Now it is came in telugu State and also started on 16th July 2017. This is the 70 days telugu Bigg boss live game show which was started by Junior NTR. This is a time of 62st Bigg Boss telugu Live Show Episode. Almost around 60 episodes over till now and this one is the Bigg Boss Telugu 62nd Episode Live.

Only 70 days show it is for the Session 1 or Season 1. The Second Season of Bigg Boss 2 will be start in November or December month 2018. Upto today few contestants eliminated and few are waiting to win the Bigg boss show. The final winner will be revelared on 24th September 2017. So people who are curious to await to know the Bigg Boss 1 Season 1 game Show winner of this show please wait few more days.

Promo of Bigg Boss Telugu 62st Episode Live @Star Maa

Tamil Bigg Boss Show taken by Kamal Hassan.

Hindi Bigg Boss Show taken by Salman Khan. 

Telugu Bigg Boss Show taken by jr NTR. 

Bigg Boss telugu Contestants names 2017

Archana, Prince, Adarsh, Navdeep, Hari Teja, Diksha , Kathi Mahesh, Madhu Priya, Katthi Kartheeka, Dhanraj, Mumait Khan, Sameer, Kalpana, Sampoornesh Babu and Jyoti 

Bigg Boss Telugu Elimination Contestants Week Wise

1st week: Jyothi eliminated.

2nd week: Sampoornesh Babu eliminates himself from the house

2nd week: Madhu Priya eliminated.

3rd Week: Sameer eliminated.

4th Week: Mahesh kathi

4th Week: Kalpana

5th Week: Mumaith Khan (Sent to Secret Room)

6th Week: Dhanraj

6th Week: Kathi Karthika

7th Week: Mumaith Khan

8th Week: Prince

Bigg Boss Telugu 62nd Episode Live & Tit bits from Bigg Boss Telugu

Name of Show: Oppo Bigg Boss Telugu season 1

Start of show: 16th July 2017

Host: Jr. NTR

No. of total contestants: 16

Last date of show for season 1: 24th September 2017

No. of days: 70

Winner: Soon revealed

Official Sites links: or 

Votes for the winner: soon

All the live TV updates can be viewed here on 14th September 2017 all around 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM in Star MAA. All the best to all the contestants who are trying to stay out of their families and entertaining us

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